Who I am

I am a lay helper for Most Holy Trinity Seminary, run by the clergy of the Roman Catholic Institute.


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What People Say

"I've had the privilege of working with Stephen in a variety of environments and have been impressed each and every time. Stephen questions every assumption and is doing so has created an incredibly effective and envious life. He's a great facilitator and has an impressive ability to bring people together for a meaningful change. When sharing advice or experience he is extremely articulate and someone well worth listening to."

"Stephen, a man with unusual life acumen, has a fantastic ability to see the forest for the trees. Whether it’s about life or business, he will point you in the right direction and speak to you at your level."

"Stephen and I have worked in various partner/colleague/teacher capacities for 14 years now. He has taught me more about professionalism and defining my goals than any other coach or mentor. I am excited to continue working and brainstorming with Stephen so we continue to improve our understanding and execution of our ideal lifestyle design."

I have known Stephen for seven years and in that time I have witnessed his incredible moral compass and various attributes. Stephen is goal-oriented and tenacious which are great attributes to have as an entrepreneur. He is also a great mentor to friends and colleagues by always propelling them to excel in their personal growth and in business. Stephen is a world traveler and is always willing to share the knowledge he’s acquired through his travels with others and offer guidance. His invaluable gifts and talents are an asset to any endeavor he chooses to pursue and a great friend to have.